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He looked stony-faced but unruffled as a supporter brushed off the snow.
Underfill encapsulant residues are then easily scraped or brushed off.
The uptown agent also brushed off questions on whether she had any involvement in getting Boyd's project to a publisher: "I have no comment on that," says Brown, described as "a friend" of Boyd's in the Post account.
Reports of weeping statues and visions of the Virgin Mary should not be brushed off lightly by a skeptical society, Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia told a largely Roman Catholic audience Oct.
On the contrary: They exhibit a feeling one would hardly think exists anymore today or which, if it does arise, is brushed off as ridiculous.
Mann retold the life of gay silent film star Billy Haines, who refused to play it straight and who, when queer scandal struck, brushed off the movies and became a sought-after interior decorator, Now Mann has exhumed another largely forgotten screen icon, and he's cast her in an exciting story of his own.
I brushed off the comments, as an anthropologist headed into the bush might brush off concerns about exotic diseases, threats of decapitation, and lack of air conditioning.
However, many researchers have all but brushed off the importance of tamoxifen-induced uterine cancers, charging that because they seldom kill, "it's no big deal" (SIN: 4/25/92, p.
In a statement to the press, ABL renewed its backing of Central Bank Governor Riad Salameh who brushed off all accusations against the Lebanese-Canadian Bank
Summary: A defiant Jose Mourinho has brushed off Real Madrid's crushing 5-0 defeat at the hands of arch-rivals Barcelona.
INVESTORS fixated on the faltering US economy brushed off the type of merger news that normally starts rallies yesterday.
While the episode has been brushed off as naivety on his part, perhaps arrogance might be more fitting.