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While conscientious human brushers make an effort to reach every nook and cranny in our own mouths, you don't have to be that exacting with your dog.
This finding indicated that all models underestimated the numbers of small blacktip sharks caught in these mesh sizes, and these underestimates could be an artifact of the sampling design of the GULFSPAN juvenile shark survey (Carlson and Brusher, 1999).
Some historians have emphasized that Phelan attempted to mediate during the strike but was ultimately persuaded to support the employers: Issel and Cherny, San Francisco, 153; Cronin, Father Yorke, 45; Brusher, Consecrated Thunderbolt, 60.
A variety of prevention and treatment approaches have been used there, including combat stress control (Bacon & Staudenmeier, 2003; Brusher, 2007; Department of Defense [DoD], 1999); outpatient therapy (Chappelle & Lumley, 2006); exposure therapy (Cigrang, Peterson, & Shobitz, 2005); and brief behavioral health consultation (Peterson, Baker, & McCarthy, in press).
If you're a compulsive brusher, it's probably a good thing for your overall health," says Dr.
It is also important to make sure that those cleaning the road are clearly visible, wearing reflective florescent clothing, and that the mechanical brusher has hazard warning lights.
1) Therefore, even the most diligent brusher and flosser can benefit from the addition of an ADA-Accepted antimicrobial mouthrinse to the daily homecare regimen.
Most dental professionals recommend that toothbrushes be replaced every three months, or more frequently if you are an extremely vigorous brusher.
When the truck was full, we headed off to the barn where the potatoes were run through a brusher grader.
At its best, "Agent Cody Banks" is ripe with a sense of adolescent boys' heroism fantasies--it's like a brusher, less elegant "Spider-Man"--and because some boys never outgrow such fantasies, pic will carry a certain appeal for adults.
The lab is where Jimmy invents great gadgets such as an automatic tooth brusher, a super-powered baseball glove, and a time machine -- so he can eat more cookies before dinner.