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The Oral-B GENIUS allows users to actively monitor their brushing routine via the Oral-B App 4.
Oral-B Genius sets a new standard in the industry and will forever change how people approach brushing their teeth," stated Stephen Squire, P&G's global marketing director.
8220;Many people apply too much pressure while brushing, which causes damage to gums,” said Walther.
Technique of tooth brushing with both manual and powered electric brush was demonstrated and checked at follow up visits to rule out the chances of wrong technique.
Collecting unofficial paintbrushes leads to new ideas for brushing moves and new canvases on which to perform.
The brush head and handle are embedded with microchips, and the handle communicates with the wireless display to signal when the user is brushing too hard, when to move to the next section of the mouth, when the user has brushed for two minutes (the recommended length of time people should brush, according to an Oral-B statement) and when the brush head needs to be replaced.
It pauses every 30 seconds to remind the user to move to a different quadrant of the mouth, an ingenious way to ensure complete brushing.
in keeping with its goal of "making brushing fun" released a new sonic toothbrush that brings consumers a "fresh-out-of-the-dentist clean feeling at drug store prices," the company says.
When the head is removed, it reveals the toothbrush bristles for brushing.
Filled with alliterative text about different children eating different foods who brush their teeth afterwards, "Brush Barry Brush" is an innovative appeal to children and parents to make brushing teeth after eating a fun routine.
During my 30 years of practicing dentistry, I've seen firsthand that although many patients know how crucial proper brushing and flossing are to oral care, they are most often not a part of patients' daily routine," said Dr.