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Chancellor Angela Merkel today defended her proposals to reduce Germany's state deficits, brushing aside a warning by USPresident Barack Obama that drastic budget cuts could harm global economic recovery, dpa reported.
BRIGHTON boss Mark McGhee insisted his strike force is yet to hit top form despite brushing aside Bournemouth.
Brushing aside church-state concerns, the Gainesville (Fla.
Brushing aside government protests and signs Japan's economy is on the mend, Moody's Investors Service on May 31 cut Japan's long-term credit rating by a bigger-than-expected two notches, citing debt levels it said were unprecedented in the postwar era in the developed world.
Sounding more like a mad scientist than a real one--and brushing aside his own work's catholic condemnation of small-screen spectacle--Johnson told The New York Times, "By decreasing exposure to media violernce, we may be able to prevent million of American from being raped and murdered.
So there is Nixon, obviously filmed late in his life, brushing aside, explaining away and at one point openly laughing about such petty nuisances as wiretaps of political enemies, his secret office tape-recordings and the actions of the infamous White House ``plumbers.