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8220;The LM5 brushless motor/generator delivers vastly greater performance over similarly sized AC and DC motors,” said Michael Sharer, Vice President of Marketing.
This new series features various timers for general-purpose and communication functions, besides the brushless DC motor control function.
The Brushless DC Motor Control Reference Design Kit (RDK-BLDC) is a four-quadrant controller for three-phase brushless DC motors rated at up to 36 V, 500 W, and 60,000 RPM.
A dynamic escape brushless motor combine with an incremental encoder, which can be directly driven in AC or DC brushless modes, is also included in the kit.
The drive's maintenance-free, brushless DC gear motor is reversible, allowing the user to pump in any direction as well as purge before or after pumping, and features +/0.
Mini Motor has worked out a new catalogue of Brushless servomotors, updated with the latest models: BS 80/50, BS 80/100 and the BSE 80/50, BSE 80/100 (with planetary reduction).
This company is introducing one series of brushed servomotors and two series of brushless servos that are designed as a drop-in replacement for older motors.
The extruder is equipped with such features as a Low noise, high torque double-reduction gearbox, cast aluminum finned heaters bolted to the barrel to ensure barrel-to-heater contact, a brushless AC drive and motor, and a high capacity, highly efficient air cooling system, according to the company.
The electro-mechanical sliding door operator is microprocessor controlled with a silent brushless DC motor, A unique LED programme switch provides on/off, one-way traffic, reduced opening and fully automatic modes.
The Library features hot-swap drives to maximize data availability and brushless motors for increased performance, reliability and life.
The AXIOM Plus brushless servo drive delivers accurate motor/drive control and PLC functionality in a single package.
Hitachi Power Tools today announced the launch of its new 18V Brushless Motor Lithium Ion cordless products at Lowe's.