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Walk in draws or through brushy areas so you're as invisible as possible.
The latest painting in the show, Landscape in Fog, 1996, joins brushy Japanese painting with Western commercial printing, using benday dots of various sizes to indicate atmospheric perspective.
Old roads make exceptional bike trail because they are wider, harder, less brushy, and have fewer obstacles - and hikers - than most hiking trails.
The Property is currently undeveloped with terrain that varies from flat and brushy to steep with trees.
On April 9, a hiker walking in a brushy area off a Cape Perpetua trail stumbled upon skeletal remains that authorities subsequently identified as the couple.
Similarly, the crumbling staircase in Raven (Japan), 1999, surrounded by otherworldly arboreal and brushy growth, and the stone footprints on the monument in Swayambhunath (Nepal), 1998, with their reference to the "ways" of Buddha, represent a long path of mystical allusion and transcendence that Fulton, as witness, is modestly treading.
According to a witness, he and his killer appeared to have some kind of altercation in a brushy area of the park before Pelfrey was stabbed in the chest.
Identical in scale and format and sharing the name Untitled (PowerBook), each six-foot-wide canvas is a brushy rendering of the cover of a closed Apple PowerBook laptop, which completely fills the rectangle of the picture plane like a Jasper Johns flag painting.
Installation of several temporary bridges, such as at Brushy Lagoon Road, to provide access to important recreational areas for local communities, or to allow contractors to access these areas so repairs and clean up can commence.
The woman said she was pulled into a brushy area next to the road and raped and strangled until she lost consciousness, according to police.
When it came to brushy non-objectivity, we preferred muscle and scale to easel-convenience and lingering School of Paris perfume.
Mandatory Pre-bid Meeting 11:00 2016-05-17, Location: WV Division of Highways, 83 Brushy Fork Road Crossing, Buckhannon, WV 26201.