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In addition to, and as part of the transaction, at closing, Michael Pawelek and Edward Shaw, CEO and COO of Brushy Resources, Inc.
The group uncovered plastic bags, looked into culverts and drainage ditches, dug out sheets of plywood laying under snow and debris, poked sticks into small mounds of snow and walked through brushy areas near a stream going past the apartment complex.
One the earliest lessons I learned as a young hunter was never to pass up an opportunity to hunt brushy, railroad track right of ways.
The Barkers returned the semen but did not pay Eckman anything, and after an unsuccessful attempt at mediation, Eckman filed suit against the Barkers and Brushy Creek.
Stream banks of the lower Licking River and its tributaries (Claylick, Little Claylick, Brushy Fork, and Rocky Fork) were examined for exposures of fine-grained, non-fluvial sediments by canoe and on foot.
More successful is the two-faced vertical "portrait" painting Janus, 2005, in which a stylized desert plant rendered in creamy yellow, pink, and acid green also reveals itself as a brushy gestural head contained by a thick, cartoonish black outline; the ambiguous gender of the featureless head mirrors the playful disruption of genre expectations engendered by conflating portrait and landscape.
homes amid the brushy landscape west of the San Fernando Valley, California.
HOMES BUILT IN WOODED OR BRUSHY TERRAIN are at risk of burning if a wildfire passes through the surrounding area.
Some 3,000 firefighters aided by aircraft struggled yesterday to protect ridgetop houses along the Los Angeles-Ventura county line, a rugged, brushy landscape west of Los Angeles' San Fernando Valley.
A typical recent job was digging trench for the Brushy Creek Regional Interceptor Number 20 expansion of the wastewater system in Cedar Park, TX, just north of Austin, TX.
Then, they dipped the sticks into the hole, pulled out the termites clinging to the brushy end, and slurped them up.
When taking your M1-series tank's mine clearing blade through brushy areas, the depth indicators lake a beating.