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I'm very stupid about studying anything, can't bear French, it's such a slippery, silly sort of language," was the brusque reply.
His manners had been brusque, and his words had been few.
Penelope is a little brusque sometimes, but it is only her manner.
At this very instant, and whilst Cornelius, still on his knees, was examining his pets, the door of the dry-room was so violently shaken, and opened in such a brusque manner, that Cornelius felt rising in his cheeks and his ears the glow of that evil counsellor which is called wrath.
And ever after his manner with friend and foe alike was rude and brusque.
Very different was he, however, from the brusque and masterful professor of common sense who had taken over the case so confidently at Upper Norwood.
But Leslie was brusque and curt when Anne thanked her, and again the latter felt thrown back upon herself.
From year to year he dwelt on land as a bird rests on the branch of a tree, so tense with the power of brusque flight into its true element that it is incomprehensible why it should sit still minute after minute.
And then I made a brusque movement, and one of the remain- ing posts of that vanished fence leaped up in the field of my glass.
His keen grey eye, impersonal and brusque, flashed upon her half impatiently.
This woman with her reckless life, her odd fascination, her brusque hatred of affectations, was a constant torment to him.
A sin gle brusque splash was followed by the long drawn rumbling of iron links running through the hawse pipe.