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When asked, he brusquely dismisses talk of rehabilitation in favor of incarceration, laughing at the suggestion of providing job skills to the prison population.
The third friend was still to arrive and we were asked rather brusquely if we were sure she would turn up because the tables were in demand.
Jackie Charlton's era as boss brought a new self-confidence to the Irish as they searched dressing rooms across the UK looking for what Charlton brusquely described as 'anyone who's hada pint of Guinness'.
Then someone came over and brusquely told us to stop.
Suddenly the Colonel's attitude changes - he brusquely claims he cannot find the book and demands that the General be treated like any other prisoner.
And when Tucker urged the court to protect individual liberties rather than bow to state legislatures, Kennedy brusquely replied:
Barour - who had a large moustache, chin stubble and was wearing a red head-dress, a white robe and sandals - was ordered brusquely to sit on the floor and was pushed down by the soldiers when he failed to obey the order immediately.
I am amazed that Ryanair can treat customers so brusquely and get away with it.
It's Alex's and it's not up to me to comment on what Manchester United do or don't do, " retorted Allardyce brusquely, even if one suspects he was probably more forthcoming with the Manchester United-supporting friends with whom he had a pre-arranged social engagement on Saturday night.
Sarah brusquely responded to this implied criticism by saying that if she was the first lady she would "neither keep house nor make butter.
She called the police to be brusquely told she wasn't a priority and they couldn't/ wouldn't send anyone.
It is typical of him to dismiss brusquely Coun David Williams's fears that war in Iraq could increase tensions between the city's communities as was reported in a recent lead article.