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Summary: Paula Yacoubian's celebrated composure brusquely vanishes when the discussion veers toward the situation of women in Lebanon.
Goldstein, pictured, wrote to the Telegraph this week: " I was brusquely rebuffed because there was a wish within the city council to see the building used for commercial purposes and not as an education and community facility.
Lib Dem leader and Deputy PM Clegg had raised the prospect of a pact, saying Labour had "changed a lot" - but his olive branch was brusquely rebuffed.
Asked if that meant Ferdinand would join up with the rest of Hodgson's squad, he answered brusquely 'yes'.
The second incident, which occurred the following morning after Malinga arrived at the SLC offices, took place when the apparently irritated player brusquely told a reporter to mind his own business and leave him alone.
There were two encores, rather brusquely given with no announcement; one was from a Bach keyboard suite, the other, certainly spectacular, was, I think, Astor Piazzolla.
Djankov, on his part, declared brusquely that the plan is already in place and "not everyone is born a Customs employee.
When questioned about refusing entrance to many invited journalists, the spokesman rather resorted to rude behavior, while when it was told to him that this matter would be reported to chairman NDMA, he brushed the warning out rather brusquely , adding that " I am not that weak , that a mere complaint against me could elicit any action".
And Mr Cameron responded brusquely when challenged on the issue during a visit to Cumbria.
She had brusquely informed him that she will not let him enter the room where the discussions of the SAG were being held and will have him removed from the room, should he insist on coming into the room.
The meeting is intended to be brief and courteous and Alan tries to speed along proceedings by candidly and brusquely admitting, "Our son is a maniac.
From warm and fuzzy to brusquely pragmatic, the experiences ami expectations described here are as idiosyncratic as the artists behind them.