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THERE'S a brusqueness about boxing sensation Carl Froch, sometimes nudging dour, that's engaging in its honesty.
Within four years of this memorandum, however, the president's apparent brusqueness turned into a strong appreciation of Rosenberg's abilities.
The couple recalls their days of courtship-- she being a little more shy than him and he, with the brusqueness of an Army man, brushing it aside as a convenience.
(59) Later, the sister of Jaques-Dalcroze commented that John did not have many friends 'because people were sometimes repulsed by a brusqueness and a somewhat dictatorial attitude in her relationship with them ...
The children are believed to have inherited such brusqueness from the Jakarta Chinatown environment and their upbringing.
He applies the deep mutual understanding and trust they have built over time to help smooth over Noctis's brusqueness with others.
The ideology of Homer's times comprised separate spheres for men and women and Telemachus's brusqueness can be understood in these totalitarian terms: ,As for giving orders/men will see to that (1996: 15).
My one minor issue is with his description of General Joseph Stilwell as having a New England demeanor or brusqueness. While all New Englanders are Yankees, not all Yankees are New Englanders.
Besides brusqueness, he is a diehard goal-getter who, when prodded with a made up mind that has resolved to hold on to sound logic, cannot be restrained by anyone.
The call ends without a hint of brusqueness and the ever-amenable policeman's son bounces from his chair, cap conspicuously jaunty rather than resignedly floppy, and prepares for the next stage of the media interrogation.
He piles the boxes on my lap, saying, "You must have some appetite!" He offers a nervous laugh and turns with brusqueness, bumps into the night table.
He is famous for his brilliant one-liners, his brusqueness, his liberalism, his role as a partisan attack dog, his effectiveness in getting legislation passed--and for being the first sitting member of Congress to come out voluntarily as gay and to get married to another man while in office.