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ARIES Mar 21st - Apr 20th You have a reputation for brusqueness but you can be guided by your hunches rather more than you're given credit for.
At a time when bankruptcy filings are rampant and emotions can be ragged for debtors and creditors alike, Mund aims to keep order by treading the lines between humor and frivolity, patience and leniency, decisiveness and brusqueness.
These more moderate believers felt that the rudeness, brusqueness, and arrogance so evident in fundamentalisms hurt the cause of presenting Jesus Christ winsomely and effectively.
Although most modern sensibilities shrink back from the dogmatism and brusqueness of apocalyptic writings represented by Knollys and Mystical Babylon Unveiled, these remain a part of the Baptist tradition and the popular history of post-Restoration England.
Contemporary critics pointed to Saunders's failure to reproduce Hemingway's clipped-but-complex dialogue, for instance, and Longstreet agrees with them that the novel is "pure self-delusion, admiration for brusqueness with just enough commercialism to make possible its sea crossing to Hollywood" (393).
The brusqueness of the CAFC's opinion in Corus Staal towards WTO jurisprudence is difficult to reconcile with the court's language in Allegheny Ludlum.
Some forms of play remove themselves, materially, temporally and psychologically, from contexts that intrude upon play's volitional nature (Caillois' notion of play-as-ilinx, for instance, is predicated on an attempt to escape from or "destroy reality with sovereign brusqueness.
Stressing the 14th-century emperor's ''startling brusqueness,'' the pope quoted him as saying: ''Show me just what Mohammed brought that was new, and there you will find things only evil and inhuman, such as his command to spread by the sword the faith he preached.
Kenny is terse to the point of brusqueness, rattling us with no nonsense through Clough's forty-two years, which were lived out in an atmosphere of personal and international ferment.
230) Judge Duckman aroused the opposition of the District Attorney's office due to his perceived leniency toward criminal defendants and brusqueness with prosecutors.