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BRUTAL TRUTH: It was always going to take time for Fulham to adjust to Martin Jol's strong personality.
President Mubarak is spending his last days [in power,] and his Tuesday speech was a declaration of war against the Egyptian people by ordering brutal attacks and revenge against millions of Egyptians," the statement added.
This new approach has been called into question following the brutal crackdown on the opposition and journalists after the 19 December presidential vote that international observers called flawed.
Perhaps Ms Gillard will one day return to Barry and show me just how brutal she can be.
I think he was mindful of that, but it was a rather brutal challenge.
Created by Tim Schafer and Double Fine Productions, Brutal Legend is a third person action game rich in combat, imagery and storytelling.
Brutal and disturbing, ``Sleeper Cell: American Terror'' is a grim evocation of the enemy within.
But the brutal government's war against the poor intensified.
Since 1963, when the ballet was created for the Royal Swedish Ballet, history has provided more than enough brutal acts of war.
Can companies that have thrived at home with the help of a web of political connections and subsidies play on the same playing field with global enterprises that have been around for decades, sometimes centuries, and have honed their skills in brutal competition?
Temperature swings can be brutal on your body, so you've learned to layer: Put some extra clothes on when it's cold and take them off when it warms up.
Brutal Kinship wonderfully showcases Michael Nichols' artistic and lovely color photos which are perfect accompaniments to wildlife expert Jane Goodall's informed and informative essay backing up the photos as she deftly explains and explores the relationship between humankind and the chimp.