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Jack (French, Christ Church, Oxford) tells the story of Cenci (1577-99), a young Italian woman who was brutalized by her father and resolved to murder him, but also discusses the strange lives of people who have fallen under her spell, particularly artists and writers whose fascination with her have cost them reputations and sometimes friends and relatives.
The case--and his mother's decision to allow open-casket viewing of his brutalized body for pictures shown round the world 50 years ago--were powerful sparks for the Civil Rights Movement.
Speaking at a recent debate on conflict in Africa and on various UN reports, Archbishop Williams said that child soldiers, of whom there are about 300,000 in civil conflicts around the globe, "are frequently abducted, invariably brutalized, and abused in diverse ways.
He retains the body's spiritual aspect but makes it ghoulish, accompanying a brutish and brutalized form.
Enslaved Africans were brutalized, raped, killed, forced to work for free, separated from their families, and denied the right to learn to read and write.
These children are brutalized from an early age,' explains Batmanghelidjh, "They're exposed to extreme amounts of violente and neglect and over a prolonged period they lose their capacity to feel.
But what cinched Swank's award was her transgendered character's paying for his cross-dressing role-playing by being brutalized, raped, and killed.
She does not, however, touch on the situations in which the Indians were brutalized by the whites.
This year's concert commemorates the Bataan Death March during World War II, in which thousands of captured Americans were brutalized enroute to prisoner of war camps operated by the Japanese.
the some fourteen Creditistes MPs from Quebec, Catholics all, who you say quoted frequently from the teachings of Thomas Aquinas and Catholic moral teaching, but were hounded, ridiculed, mocked and verbally brutalized by the English-speaking media as "extremists" while contemptuously ignored by haughty Liberal Party MPs who helped crush them and Christian morality.
We glimpse them first laid out like corpses, then pleading, needling, slapping bodies and stools against the floor like instruments of torture, or being brutalized by rape, if that is the right word to describe an act in which violence, comfort, and need are equally present.