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It is pertinent to mention here that the traffic wardens under Ichra circle and Shadman sectors has started to campaign of registering fake FIRs and brutally torturing the citizens either they are children or old age people since the Metro Bus has been made functional.
Chandigarh (Punjab) [India], Dec 6 ( ANI ): A video has gone viral on the social media showing a woman from Chandigarh stuffing her three-year-old stepdaughter in a gunny bag and beating the bag brutally on the ground.
Dhaka (Bangladesh) November 28 ( ANI ) The Bangladesh High Court has upheld the death penalty of 139 convicted soldiers involved in the 2009 mutiny and for brutally killing 74 people, including 57 army officers.
6 (ANI): A 13-year-old boy was brutally killed after an unnatural sex in Madhya Pradesh's Vidisha.
The girl says that she asked for a holiday on Eid but instead they accused her of stealing jewellery and brutally tortured her on which she ran away and came home .
As part of her investigation Maisie learns that all three of Charlotte's good friends from their Swiss boarding school days have been brutally murdered.
Widely considered a pioneer of civil rights in an exceedingly unfriendly land, Sierra Leone's most prominent lesbian was found brutally murdered on September 29 in the offices of the gay rights organization she founded.
27 (ANI): Days after a Swiss couple was brutally attacked in Fatehpur Sikri, the Ministry of External Affairs (MEA) on Friday said they were in touch with the Swiss embassy and are quick to redress the issue.
Talented private investigator Zoe Boehm has been a hard-bitten cynical loner since she killed the person who brutally murdered her husband, Joe.