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Her music was a club that she swung brutally upon his head; and though it stunned him and crushed him down, it incited him.
My father tried to follow her example--in his wife's interests, of course; but the soap-boiler brutally buttoned up his pockets, and told my father to go into business for himself.
I threw all precaution to the winds, threw myself with fiercer zeal into the fight for socialism, laughed at the editors and publishers who warned me and who were the sources of my hundred porterhouses a day, and was brutally careless of whose feelings I hurt and of how savagely I hurt them.
He laughed brutally, and I was driven to the Bishop's defence.
Chilled and terrified, she had made her way to her husband's door, only to be driven away brutally as a restless ghost by the horror-stricken inmates.
I've seen enough of her already," he said, brutally.
He heard his sister's sufferings derided, and her virtuous conduct jeered at and brutally misconstrued; he heard her name bandied from mouth to mouth, and herself made the subject of coarse and insolent wagers, free speech, and licentious jesting.
It was only when the lawyer's brutally plain language forced his attention to it that the question of his pecuniary interest in his father-in-law's death assumed its fit position in his mind.
You have eyes, you have seen," I answered, almost brutally, what of the pain and fear at my own heart.
Well, then," said Wakem, rather brutally, trying to recover his previous position, "if she doesn't care for you, you might have spared yourself the trouble of talking to me about her, and you might have spared me the trouble of refusing my consent to what was never likely to happen.
PESHAWAR -- A decapitated body of a young man was recovered who was brutally killed by unknown men in the jurisdiction of Yakatoot Police Station on Tuesday.
Mandi Bahauddin -- A local journalist, Shahzad Hassan was brutally tortured by police in private torture cell in Mandi Bahauddin