brute force

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The vapor, the influence of that brute force,--it has bewildered me and obscured my perception.
This is a bit of brute force seldom resorted to except in matters of life and death, and the little "We're Here" complained like a human.
As a matter of fact, it was a priory, and shared the fate of most priories--that is, the Tudor gentleman with the plumes simply stole it by brute force and turned it into his own private house; he did worse things, as you shall hear.
In a statement issued in Muzaffarabad on Sunday, he said India could not suppress the Kashmiris freedom struggle by using brute force against innocent Kashmiris struggling for their right to self determination.
It is most unfortunate that lawyers who protect citizens from violence and brute force should themselves be subjected to violence and brute force, he said.
Yet the line between brute force and coercion is hardly clear.
To avoid brute force attacks, DDoS attacks and prevent situations when websites with security holes are hacked, MarbleHost.
State of Cloud Security Bulletin Reveals High Levels of Brute Force Attacks and Malware/Botnet Threats
CDATA[ The writer claims that on a site used in UNRWA summer camps, children are being taught to take back their homes lost in 1948 by brute force and to kill the Jews who took them.
When brute force fails; how to have less crime and less punishment.
The APHC leader strongly condemned the use of brute force by the troops on peaceful protestors in Shopian and in other parts of the occupied territory.
Six out of 10 women would ask for help if they were having trouble moving a bolt but 40 per cent of men would tell them the best way to solve the problem is to use brute force.