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It's just brutishly disciplined with the three most consistent defenders in the country - Terry, Carvalho and Paulo Ferreira - plus William Gallas doing a remarkably astute impression of a left-back.
SACRAMENTO - Shaquille O'Neal doesn't deliberately chase milestones so much as he brutishly tramples them in a mad rush to build his legacy.
The idea of a single international standard in our age of diversity, she suggested, is brutishly naive.
It's brutishly fast -- the company claims the car will hit 60mph in under 4.
Why should a teacher talk to a kid, and God forbid, teach him that certain jokes are unwarranted, when the criminal justice system can do it so much more brutishly.
As in Doctor Zhivago, the extortionate price that a Soviet poet paid for a burgeoning craft (for his or her successful attempts to manipulate and qualitatively alter his or her time) is a reduction in space: the brutishly coarse language of the state, represented by wolves hounding Zhivago's dacha, sounds ever louder and becomes threatening to his physical frame, to the space of his body.
Guarding the lush Severn meadows where the cattle graze in the vale of Berkeley, the castle has been transformed through eight centuries from the frowning fortress where Edward II was brutishly murdered into the civilised home of one of England's oldest and most colourful families.
15) Indeed, according to their narrative, the lawyer (who is, actually, something closer to a personal accountant or broker) is depicted as a Machiavellian genius, able to plot, plan, and orchestrate with a sophistication and subtlety beyond the dreams of a brutishly obvious Sutpen.
As if there were no brutishly invading armies all around who are no more concerned with Jewish morality than they are with their own
But as they took issue with one another, it was reasonable for an observer to conclude - as Gingrich had noted - that they had given such brutishly hard questions systematic thought.
As lawyers we have seen just how brutishly, viciously and cunningly some people can and do act.
Carling's Lion-hearted leadership of a brutishly belligerent England side nigh on two decades ago meant he came to epitomise the cross of St George more than any of his team-mates of the time.