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Observers say the reality of the criminal underworld is one of brutishness and risk, where only a few achieve the wealth and standing to which they aspire.
In the United States, the case in Steubenville has become controversial partly because of the brutishness that the young men have been accused of, but also because of concerns that the authorities protected the football team.
The managing coordinator of StatE-ko magazine, Okan BaE-, wrote in the magazine's January-February 2012 issue, "As you know, OgE-n Samast is only a robust youth; he attacked a man who said there is a brutishness inherent to Turks.
That happy postwar vision has long since devolved from Jetsonian utopia to post-peak oil apocalypse, a new MadMax era of economic collapse and medieval brutishness.
No longer would sexuality have to be lumped together with stupidity, brutishness, earnestness and exploutation; it could instead be harnessed to what is noblest in us," he said.
Argentine aggression in the Falklands was perpetrated by a junta of singular brutishness and murderousness.
But beyond an Emerald Isle back five that combines brutishness with bucketfuls of class and gnarled experience, the truth is Wales have little to fear.
It's easier to tar and feather them with clear-cut examples of the brutishness that characterized their regime.
They are also quick to shift responsibility for their failures on the brutishness of Nigerian life and what they consider as the marginalisation of the Igbo by the other groups in Nigeria.
After all I've said about the Scots and their brutishness too.
The very traits which had thrust him to greatness -- stubbornness, brutishness, contempt for the people -- were condemning him, with every word, to the most ignominious humiliation.
It's reasonably accurate and it remains possibly the most comprehensive picture of basic training in American fiction; but in accordance with the conventions of the day, the vulgarity and brutishness of 1940s boot camp is considerably played down (though sadistically humorous possibilities are emphasized, and the famous "This is my rifle, this my gun .