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To his former brutishness and superstitions he adds two new vices: fanaticism and pride .
In our time, Neanderthals are sometimes depicted as cartoonish cave men and the term sometimes is used derisively to describe brutishness and low intelligence.
Without resorting to the agricultural brutishness of a Shogun, the Outlander has the space and ability for most off-road callings.
M]en must be educated, refined, and ethically persuaded away from their tendency toward anarchy and brutishness.
Notoriety owing to a reputation for brutishness, for example, could easily elevate one's name in public discourse.
Not to say that Crews's people do not exhibit a disturbing propensity for violence and destruction (and there is pleasure in hurting those weaker than ourselves, as Harry Crews knew so well), but that individual acts of brutishness play out against the backdrop of a society whose own triumphant organizing principle seems to be a transcendent bellum omnium contra omnes.
The Ethiopian court is already Greek speaking, and once it is cured of its regrettably barbarian tendency to immolate its captives, Ethiopia becomes an idealized Hellenic community, symbolized by Theagenes' victory over an Ethiopian giant in a wrestling competition, Greek skill triumphing over barbarian brutishness.
53) Insensibility here is a disposition, an inclination, a leaning in a certain direction toward callousness or brutishness or insensitivity, which is already not nothing.
The delicate love story - between Birdsong's central protagonist, the young officer Stephen Wraysford, and a married Frenchwoman Isabelle Azaire - is never going to be a match for the brutishness of warfare.
There was, after all, brutishness aplenty in the depressed mining towns up where I lived, but none of it had such style.
The snobbery and greed of the tweed brigade can be just as ugly as the brutishness of the junkies and bullies of the nylon tracksuit clan.