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When it comes to creating in-store excitement with Chilean stone fruit during the winter, Brux recommends promoting unique varieties like the lemon plum.
Brux has enormous familiarity with the production, distribution and use of fresh fruit.
Es gibt neben dem haufigen titillare auch ein Verb titillieare 'kitzeln' (intransitiv) (15), das ich aus der Epistula de peetoris causa im Brux.
We're in the heart of Chilean citrus season, with most other Chilean fruits entering the market from November onward, so Fresh Summit is the perfect opportunity for Chilean exporters to meet with their North American customers, whether importers, wholesalers or retailers," Brux adds.
It has been a great season for Chilean citrus in North America," notes Karen Brux, of the San Carlos, Calif.
Abitbol, Jean, Jean de Brux, Ginette Millot, Marie-Francoise Masson, Odile Languille Mimoun, Helene Pau, and Beatrice Abitol.
14) Another term, carcinome canaliculaire, was coined by Leroux-Robert and De Brux in 1976.
Beyond meeting with the buyer, we pull in merchandisers, marketing and social staff and retail dieticians to develop integrated programs that are specific to those stores," says Karen Brux, North America managing director for the San Carlos, Calif.
Gone are the days when we'd push one nationwide promotion program and a few point-of-sale pieces," says Karen Brux of the San Carlos, Calif.