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Yet he summarily dismisses the view that the Black Death may have been a confluence of several diseases, including bubonic plague.
Dr Smith told BBC News Online: "For many years, there have been queries about whether the bubonic plague was responsible for the Black Death.
For these reasons, Herlihy follows the English epidemiologist Graham Twigg in concluding that it was unlikely that bubonic plague was the agent of the Black Death.
In the island, 84 cases were suspected of Bubonic Plague and 60 of them were thought to be pneumonic plague, which is more fatal.
Bubonic plague is thought to have been the cause of the Black Death which first occurred in the UK in 1348 and returned almost every generation until the 17th century .
New York has been clear of bubonic plague for more than a century.
To make his case Watts examines epidemics of bubonic plague, leprosy, smallpox, syphilis, cholera, yellow fever, and malaria.
Scientists have now probed the dental remains of victims whose disease resembled bubonic plague and died as far back as 408 years ago.
Bubonic Plague is a disease connected to the Black Death that can kill infected people within four days.
According to experts, the bubonic plague form, transmitted from person to person by direct contact and usually localized in bubo, is not as dangerous as pneumonic plague, which is spread by airborne transmission.