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Resin composite was added to the buccal surface of maxillary left second premolar to harmonize tooth contours.
12-14) However, these two systems allow evaluation of alveolar bone loss in lingual/ palatal and buccal surfaces only.
To limit distortion, orthodontic wax was used to position the buccal surface as parallel as possible to the position indicator device.
Key words: microleakage, pit and fissure sealants, bevel, permanent teeth, buccal surface
Occasionally, I may need to use a throat stick to coax a tongue or buccal surface out of the way, but for the most part these little strips of birch just accumulate in my shirt pocket and eventually find their way into my sock drawer at home.
On buccal surface of left premolar segment of non denture wearers PNZ was deviated to buccal side in 8 subjects.
An ill defined hyperdense bony lesion with few lytic areas within it, arising from buccal surface of right ramus of mandible causing cortical destruction with typical "SUN-BURST" type of periosteal reaction.
Teeth are placed and held in position in the index using sticky wax on the labial and buccal surface.