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Caption: Figure 1: (a) Picture of soft tissue exophytic lesion in buccal vestibule. (b) Picture of soft tissue lesion showing purulent exudate.
Intraorally a solitary diffuse swelling approximately of size 3 x 3 cm is seen in the right maxillary labial and buccal vestibule extending anterio-posteriorly from 11 to 17, superio-inferiorly from the vestibule to attached gingiva of 11-17.
Gutka-chewers and BQ-chewers reported to place these products in the buccal vestibule for an average duration of 7.1+-0.5 minutes (range: 5-15 minutes) and 7.5+-1.1 minutes (range: 5-20 minutes), respectively.
From buccal sulcus to the floor of the mouth mediolateral, obliterating the buccal vestibule.
For selected patients with suspected tumor involvement of the buccal vestibule or adjacent area, puffed-cheek CT may serve as a worthy supplement to conventional CT.
An 84-year-old female was referred to an oral and maxillofacial surgeon for the investigation and management of a longstanding lump in the left mandibular buccal vestibule. The lump was attached to the buccal gingivae adjacent to the left mandibular first premolar and running over the left mental nerve.