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Perhaps the wolves have driven the buck to shelter, and are following on his trail.
Never mind, Buck, my boy," says the old man, "you'll have show enough, all in good time, don't you fret about that.
It is neither bullock nor buck he hunts to-night," said Mother Wolf.
Did ye think to stop a full-grown buck, with Hector and the slut open upon him within sound, with that pop-gun in your hand
Then some of us said this and some of us said that, but he saw the dead buck among the flowers, and asked who had killed, and we of the Jungle would not tell because the smell of the blood made us foolish.
If you want meat," I remarked coolly, "go fetch that buck.
Even as these thoughts passed through his mind some noise of the stalker in his rear must have come to the buck, for with a sudden start he paused for an instant, trembling, in his tracks, and then with a swift bound dashed straight for the river and Tarzan.
As I crept closer to the antelope, sure this time of a good shot at a large buck, I suddenly saw something that caused me to forget all about my prey in wonderment.
Bernard, had been the Judge's inseparable companion, and Buck bid fair to follow in the way of his father.
Chris called out, and the next moment the mare was rising under him in a second buck.
Tell me, lad; did you ever strike a leaping buck atwixt the antlers?
She told the bucks to make a camp for me and to take care of my dogs.