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During the last five decades, optimal bucking has been addressed by many researchers.
Since the 1960s, computer modeling techniques associated with tree-stem bucking have been introduced, which were mainly derived from operations research.
Linear programming applications to tree bucking were first presented in 1961 based on the paper cut and trim programming of Eisman in 1957 (Smith and Harrell 1961), which took into account resource and market limitations.
McPhalan (1978) developed a linear programming model based on a column-generating technique that permitted the coordination of log bucking and sawing subject to market demand constraints for lumber.
The first detailed dynamic programming model for optimal tree-stem bucking was developed by Pnevmaticos and Mann (1972).
In the Pnevmaticos and Mann (1972) model, the stem was considered to be made up of a sequence of stages, each stage representing a single minimum length of log, and then the bucking problem was viewed as a sequential decision process.