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The head aperture is a simple slit (Dress A), laced up with thong or trimmed with red tradecloth; buckskin ties at the comers allow for adjustment.
Strewn amongst the crowd could be seen more kids (and some adults again) also wearing imitation buckskin and fringe clothing, or further variations on the headband or headdress motif.
Jack Buckskin was the first young Kaurna person to take on the teaching of Kaurna in multiple programs when he embraced teaching in several programs concurrently in 2008.
Chevron said it received approval for its Buckskin well, which it had planned to start drilling last year.
The company can continue with the activities, as a drilling permit has been received for its co-owned Buckskin well, in offshore Louisiana.
WESTBORO - -- A Buckskin Drive resident complained to the Board of Selectmen this week that the town authorized the removal of several shade trees without following proper protocol.
In the GoM, the group is currently considering oil discoveries in the deep-water Buckskin filed.
in the backs of comics: posters of Welch in buckskin
She has also ordered a pair of calf-length boots in beige buckskin, according to Clergerie, whose boots sell for hundreds of pounds.
Sculptor in buckskin; an autobiography of Alexander Phimister Proctor, 2d ed.
Word History: The word buck in the sense "dollar" was originally short for buckskin, in other words, the skin of a male deer.