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Brian is a champion Chicken dancer and Buckskin dancer.
Buckskin participated in a Kaurna course and worked on Kaurna projects.
12) In December, Arch Coal informed the FTC of its plans to sell the Buckskin mine (which Arch Coal was acquiring from Triton) to Kiewit Mining (Kiewit).
How the West was worn; bustles and buckskins on the wild frontier.
I think I'll look for a pair of buckskin boots with fringes round the top.
And in Westerner they have the key to finally unlock the Gold Cup riddle some 27 years on from Buckskin.
The Buckskin was also designed to tune easily, require little maintenance and provide the archer with a super forgiving experience.
Goodstreak is medium in maturity (142 d after 1 January, data from observations in Nebraska), about 1 d earlier flowering than Buckskin and 1.
These were carrying bags made of buckskin or rawhide and were used to carry clothing, food and all the little objects that the people accumulated.
Americana is a selection of denims, Navaho buckskin and embroidered suede, while Raindance has trimmings that include leather, raffia, guinea fowl feathers and elk teeth.
They wore eagle feathers, buckskin, fringe, jingles, beadwork, ribbonwork, blankets, turquoise, shells, bells, and quills--all worn with respect to the birds, animals, fish, earth, water, and sky.
Black, Buckskin, and Blue: African American Scouts and Soldiers on the Western Frontier by Art T.