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Unlike manufactured products, coffee readily lends itself to a deeply personal, bucolic story of creation and exchange.
Displayed in colorful, eye-catching packaging depicting the bucolic landscape of the Old West, select White Cheddar Ranch Gourmet Popcorn is hot-air popped to stay light and fluffy (unpopped kernels are sifted out), and no preservatives are added.
The world is improved by having more quiet, bucolic music in it," opines the New York resident.
If ever you hanker for a more bucolic life and don't know where to start, grab this book.
Despite the bucolic look of the reglan, Strathmore has a lifeline to the city; it is the only one of the Washington area's major performing arts centers on a metro stop.
He, like many elites of his age, was awed by empire and cared little for the bucolic virtues of early Rome.
Site, light, environment, and wonder', is how Roger Duffy summarizes his design of the new Upper School for Greenwich Academy, a private girls' school on a bucolic estate in suburban Connecticut.
Baumann drives past West Wilcox Street and points out a bucolic, wide-windowed townhouse.
On this quiet, bucolic farm--complete with easy access to bike and hiking trails--it's hard to believe that you're a mere three miles from bustling downtown Amherst.
For a moment history these springs brought travelers from faraway places to this bucolic Kentucky hill country to walk in the waters of Escalupia and find a cure for whatever ailed them.
Our gentle whodunits, set in a bucolic England with me as an ordinary detective,have even been sold to China and Japan.
Starting as early as 1900 with his aptly named Bucolic Suite, the man continued to produce charming, serene, idyllic tunes for full orchestra, strings, and chorus right up until the time of his death.