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Buddy had last month signed a deal with Ingram Micro, the worlds major distributor of technology products and supply chain services, to distribute the Buddy Ohm product range worldwide.
The illustrated book, which will hit the stores in March, is about Buddy who was earlier named Nikku and featured in Hirani's film PK , read a statement.
My mind is racing right now with all the possibilities of where Buddy could actually be .
Sookocheff's decision to make the imaginary world reflect the colour and shapes of the workaday objects that inspired it adds to the humour but also shows how Buddy and the rest of us literalists can be transported under the spell of a compelling storyteller.
My first encounter with Buddy was in a Baptist history course at Southern Seminary.
Back in May, Buddy had been very unwell with a dramatic loss of appetite, vomiting and a dramatic weight loss.
Buddy - The Buddy Holly Story, New Theatre, Cardiff, Tuesday to Friday 7.
First-year medical student, Simone Miller reports that, "Getting to know my Buddy, John, has been one of the best parts of my whole year.
Buddy is the perfect antidote for recession depression.
The show is written and produced by Alan Janes and features Glen Joseph as Buddy.
All your body's functions, including the voluntary ones like having sex, and the non-voluntary ones, like breathing and snoring, will be done by this chip set, which we can call BUDDY as in friend.
But as I surveyed the other three sets of begging eyes looking out between kennel bars and directly into mine, it was the cloudy eyes of 13-year-old Buddy that captured my attention the most.