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It is also intriguing that a multitude of measures taken by the Government during the last one year has increased the tax burden on the people and prices of almost all goods and services have gone up but the tax collection, which could have formed the basis for reduction of budgetary deficit, has gone down further.
"Because of budgetary allocation, we have to do a little bit of revamping of our procurement plan.
Business community in Mardan protests 'harsh' budgetary measures
The budgetary allocation for PM Office including public as well as internal, for next financial year 2019-20 is Rs862.9 million which is again 12% less than budgetary allocation for FY 2018-19.
The ADB will provide $3.4 billion in budgetary support to help with reforms and stabilisation of the economy,' the finance adviser said.
The increase in 'Pay and Allowances' and 'Utility Charges' will be met from within the proposed budgetary provision by enforcing strictly austerity and economy measures.
'While the state government was applauded for the increase in allocation to the sector in 2018 budget (though this was as a result of the whopping N3 billion allocated for fertilizer procurement), it is disheartening that this year's budgetary allocation has significantly dropped to 0.44 per cent, which fell short of the minimum 10 per cent allocation stipulated under the Maputo/Malabo declaration and commitment (CAADP)', he said.
MP Mangole had asked why the design for the new Mochudi hospital was not done as per the budgetary provision of 2017/18 financial year.
The departments should curtail their expenditure to less than 12 per cent of the budgetary estimates between January and March 2018, he said in the memorandum.
But the Supreme Court in 2015 declared that certain budgetary practices under DAP as unconstitutional.
common steps in the context of improving budgetary systems is the reform
Research by Kamco of Kuwait projects a combined budgetary gap of $153 billion in 2016 in the six-nation grouping, up from $119 billion in 2015.