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He wouldn't go to the receivin' hospital," Bud said to Saxon.
We caught one there, Billy an' me," Bud interpolated.
Broke both his arms with the crowbar," Bud supplemented.
An' when I come to, here was Bud an' Anson an' Jackson dousin' me at a water trough.
Dorothy and Polly loved the Princess Fluff the moment they saw her, and little King Bud was so frank and boyish that Button-Bright accepted him as a chum at once and did not want him to go away.
He had faith enough to believe, and wisdom enough to know, that the bloom of the flower would be even holier and happier than its bud.
To extend the research, the project can start in autumn, when leaves drop and buds first form.
Produced using the same proprietary technology used with other products in the Butter Buds range, Butter Buds - Bacon[TM] imparts a natural bacon flavour along with richness and mouth feel.
A peony with botrytis has blasted (browned) buds that do not open and shoots that rot at the base.
Pencil in a weekly date, like pizza and a movie every Friday night with your two best buds.
What's been missing for scientists, however, is an understanding of how these messages about taste get from taste buds in the tongue to the body's nervous system.
Taste buds die and renew themselves, with a turnover rate of about 10 days.