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of Fizkin Lodge, near Eatanswill, had been prevailed upon by his friends to stand forward on the Buff interest.
Pickwick--'I'll just read you a few of the leaders I wrote at that time upon the Buff job of appointing a new tollman to the turnpike here; I rather think they'll amuse you.
Pickwick's hat was knocked over his eyes, nose, and mouth, by one poke of a Buff flag-staff, very early in the proceedings.
Then Horatio Fizkin, Esquire, of Fizkin Lodge, near Eatanswill, presented himself for the purpose of addressing the electors; which he no sooner did, than the band employed by the Honourable Samuel Slumkey, commenced performing with a power to which their strength in the morning was a trifle; in return for which, the Buff crowd belaboured the heads and shoulders of the Blue crowd; on which the Blue crowd endeavoured to dispossess themselves of their very unpleasant neighbours the Buff crowd; and a scene of struggling, and pushing, and fighting, succeeded, to which we can no more do justice than the mayor could, although he issued imperative orders to twelve constables to seize the ringleaders, who might amount in number to two hundred and fifty, or thereabouts.
is pleased to announce that it has acquired the fitness water company, BUFF WATER, INC.
The Buff Club are setting sail for their Student Boat Party on Thursday.
George Donald, Buff Hardie and Steven Robertson were driven in procession to His Majesty's Theatre to receive the honour, given in the past to Winston Churchill, Nelson Mandela, Mikhail Gorbachev and Sir Alex Ferguson.
His opponent pushed hard but overcooked it slightly, enough to give Buff the advantage.
It may be a bit of a stretch to describe a nonconference matchup as a rivalry, but longtime Ducks and Buffs might, given the string of tense and exciting games between the two over the past 20 years.
One wonders: Is there only something wrong with the buff culture?
DEV America has hired industry veterans Michael Benz and Stephen Buff as Area Sales Managers responsible for growing markets for the company's leading-edge products that help satellite and cable television systems transmit, receive, switch, and distribute RF signals over coaxial and fiber optic cable.
Minot's Buff maintainers excel at keeping their aging charges flying, Gootee said.