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2005) incubated hay or wheat grain using different ratios of rumen fluid/buffer solution and reported reduction in final pH of in vitro incubation related to the decreased amount of buffer solution, differently from the findings of this study.
Sh-AA-MBA was tested for the sustained release of a model drug 5-asa in buffer solution (pH = 1.
Resveratrol group (n = 5): 5 ml buffer solution with lipid fraction + 1 ml FeCl2 + 1 ml 10 mM H2O2 + 50 L 20 mM resveratrol + 1 ml neutral buffer
The order of addition of buffer solution, metal ion and reagent has no adverse effect on the absorbance.
In the anode compartment, one or more yeast cells are used as the catalyst in a buffer solution with the nutrient or fuel for the fuel cell.
Washing: the diethanolamine buffer solution (DEABS) prepared as follows: 0.
Islets were washed twice with a buffer solution containing 20 mM HEPES, 115 mM NaCI, 5 mM NaHC[O.
In addition to the distilled water leaching, a citrate buffer solution was used as a highly aggressive leaching medium.
His work on anodic oxide films formed in borate buffer solution is probably the best remembered.
All components necessary to carry out the test are provided in a kit, including vials, buffer solution, and dipsticks.