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BRAM write operation) while BUC module reads buffered data (i.e.
If the summation of data production rate T(t) and amount of data in buffer B(t) is never less than consumption rate C(t), there would never be net decreases in the buffered data.
If these protons were not buffered, a person would become increasingly acidotic in response to normal metabolic processes.
According to Anderson, the finding indicates that if carbon dioxide concentrations in the seas rose over the past 20,000 years, as many scientists contend, then the ocean's calcium carbonate system effectively buffered against globe-spanning pH changes in the deep sea.
Briefly, the whole blood was first washed with 10 % Fetal Bovine Serum in 1X Phosphate Buffered Saline (PBS, pH 7.2, containing 9.0 g/L of NaCl, 0.726 g/L of [Na.sub.2][HPO.sub.4].7[H.sub.2]O, and 0.21 g/L of [KH.sub.2][PO.sub.4]), and then stained with various fluorescein-labeled antibodies for 30 min at 4[degrees]C.
Buffered at the touch of a button, buffer data is stored in memory, even after switch-off, pH is measured from 0.0-14.00 with an accuracy of [+ or -] 0.01 pH and a resolution of 0.01 pH.
In earlier, buffered formulations of didanosine, administration with an antacid (buffer) provides protection from degradation by stomach acid.
IO-Lite achieves this goal by storing buffered I/O data in immutable buffers, whose locations in physical memory never change.
The randomly distributed animal submissions for each of the surrounding five counties are then displayed to see how many animals were submitted for testing from the buffered area (Figure 2d).