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A passing remembrance of Mrs Veneering, here induces Mortimer to address his next half-dozen words to her; after which he wanders away again, tries Twemlow and finds he doesn't answer, ultimately takes up with the Buffers who receive him enthusiastically.
But herein perishes a melancholy example; being regarded by the three other Buffers with a stony stare, and attracting no further attention from any mortal.
A Buffer, suddenly astounding the other three, by detaching himself, and asserting individuality, inquires: 'How discovered, and why?
But as a buffer living on his means, and having an idea of doing it in this lovely place in peace and quiet, for remaining span of life, I beg to ask if the Tope family are quite respectable?
Datchery to himself that night, as he looked at his white hair in the gas-lighted looking-glass over the coffee-room chimneypiece at the Crozier, and shook it out: 'For a single buffer, of an easy temper, living idly on his means, I have had a rather busy afternoon
All projects include multi-functional buffers, which incorporate species such as nut trees, berries, and willows in buffer zones so that the landowner could potentially sell these products, and realize some income from land dedicated to buffers.
by amortizing total building costs over time at 4%, and then prorating this by the estimated percentage of facility space allotted to buffers.
First, when applications with overlapping buffers use 60% tarp, then the buffer zone distance remains at 25 feet but the applications must treat no more than 60 acres in total.
The incoming packet first checks the threshold value in order to inject the packet into buffers.
Defective buffers for the M240B/M240L machine guns have gotten out in the field.
Or, over-sized buffers would result in expensive and long startup latency in client systems.
So why not just put in place buffers with equal capacity between each workstation (i.