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RAILWAYS union the RMT have warned it could strike if East Coast scraps train buffet cars to make way for more seats.
"This is the sort of meal you get in a buffet car on a train in Japan" - Jane Fonda looks down her nose at fish in a bag offered to her during a classy champagne reception in Cannes.
I'm not even that bothered about getting a seat because, as weird as it might sound, I even enjoy standing between carriages (where possible at the buffet car), having a little tipple and chatting-on to whoever may be there.
There are three classes to choose from: Standard Class includes a reserved seat at a table for four - First Class includes morning coffee & Danish Pastries, tea & biscuits in the - afternoon Premier Dining includes full English breakfast, light lunch & four course dinner - Buffet car available serving light refreshments - Tables of two guaranteed for a supplement of pounds 15pp (subject to availability) - BOOK ON LINE AT www.railwaytouring.co.uk -
Dread to think what the queue for the buffet car looked like.
Some fans who paid pounds 200 for a first-class return from London to Cardiff had to stand for the entire journey and complained that food in the buffet car ran out within an hour of leaving London.
Asked about his most memorable meal, he described how he had particularly enjoyed unwrapping a package of smoked salmon sandwiches in a full carriage during a long and delayed journey on a train without a buffet car.
A train, incidentally, where half the passengers couldn't get access to the buffet car.
THE BUFFET car on its side in this picture of the devastating Paddington rail crash was welded together from two coaches wrecked in the Southall train tragedy, it was claimed last night.
The union has been seeking assurances about staffing levels, jobs, buffet car facilities and maintenance on the new Super Express trains.
For PS5 per person discount quote code: KDP Buffet car available.
Price includes: Standard PS77pp/PS189 family - including a reserved seat usually at table fOr fOur First PS101pp/PS251 family - including mOrning cOffee and Danish pastry, AFTERNOON tea with a SELECTION Of finger sandwiches, SCONEs, jam and cream Premier Dining PS179pp/PS478 family - including full English breakfast, light lunch and a fOur cOurse dinner silver served at yOur seat Buffet car available.