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It is sheer profiteering to strip out the buffet cars and replace them with trolleys.
Whenever anyone thinks of the Shrewsbury Biscuit, they think of those awful fruit cookies sold in buffet cars,' Sherry, 36, said.
They face competition from Mr Glennan's company, Better Tasting Snackfoods, based in Uttoxeter, Staffs, which has gone into production and supplies many in food retailers, including Harrods, Pret a Manger and Virgin Trains buffet cars.
It is frankly ludicrous that East Coast, who are introducing the same trains, have given us the assurances we are seeking but First Great Western have ignored us and are crashing ahead with the ripping out of buffet cars and the threat to safety-critical station and train staff purely to maximise the profits from new trains bought for them by the British taxpayer.
The TSSA has also joined the Rail, Maritime and Transport union (RMT) in warning that buffet cars on trains along the South Wales route could be scrapped and jobs axed when new trains come into service in 2017.
8m tender means it will supply East Coast s on-train catering staff with handheld devices to process payments from passengers making purchases from trolleys and buffet cars on all routes.
The Rail, Maritime and Transport union (RMT) says new trains commissioned by the UK Government could allow the sacking of on-board staff, the axing of buffet cars and leave a question mark hanging overt the future of existing maintenance depots.
A First Great Western spokesman said there are currently no plans to remove buffet cars from trains, and highlighted to the return of Pullman dining services in South Wales.