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The Priest,'' said Clement, ``is not have so confident of the Jew's conversion, since he received that buffet on the ear.
Mr Hu said his company had taken on four Damon's staff and were now training them at other Chinese Buffets.
Buffets have become commonplace after Vicvic Villavicencio opened Dads and countless others followed, many achieving success while the rest faltered.
Al Areen Palace & Spa will be opening its Ramadan Wadi Tent from tomorrow, offering traditional Bahraini food through Iftar and Ghabga buffets and live cooking stations.
Buffets are offered at various places including hotels and many social events.
In a 2013 consumer behavioral science study at Cornell University, observers watched more than 300 people at 24 all-you-can-eat Chinese restaurant buffets.
The restaurant replaced its traditional straight line buffets with different stations offering specialty foods, including a fresh salad bar, a grill, a Mongolian stir fry, an Asian bar, an Italian bar and a Mexican bar.
Las Vegas buffets are one of the most popular amenities on the Strip, where visitors to Sin City can indulge in any craving they desire.
A double-slider to list buffets within a budget range.
Twenty-two trained observers watched 213 patrons at 11 all-you-can-eat Chinese food buffets in several cities.
Chinese buffets seem to be popping up all over Worcester County, and the established ones seem to be as popular as ever.
Buffets not only are more likely to satisfy diverse preferences, but coincide with Chinese cultural norms.