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The Friar bared his brawny arm up to the elbow, and putting his full strength to the blow, gave the Knight a buffet that might have felled an ox.
The buffet of the Knight was given with such strength and good-will, that the Friar rolled head over heels upon the plain, to the great amazement of all the spectators.
``The Priest,'' said Clement, ``is not have so confident of the Jew's conversion, since he received that buffet on the ear.''
Then because Middle made a wry face, as though he had already received the buffet, and loitered in his steps, Arthur-a-Bland and Will Stutely seized him by the arms and stood him before the friar.
He hath broken in upon our master's goods, and hath smitten me a buffet upon the ear, so that I thought I was dead.
Solaire-Father's Day at Solaire means simultaneous lunch and dinner buffets. Super Dad event at The Tent showcases a buffet spread, beer tasting and arcade games (P2,500+ each).
In Al Attar Business Centre, there are four Filipino restaurants offering budget buffets. There are also more in Al Attar Shopping Centre .
Set amidst the fashionable Adliya art district, a nightly art boutique takes place in the main art gallery and entrance, along with indulgent, aromatic buffets and traditional cuisines created by Gallery 21 chefs, until Thursday, June 14.
Perfect for caterers who are looking for fresh, finger-food ideas, the skewers are ideal as a starter, served as part of a sharing platter or tapas menu, or for buffets, functions and receptions.
If you are fortunate, there may be some lavish buffets coming your way this Christmas: an enticing range of sumptuous dishes starters, salads, mains, desserts and afters.
A 39-year-old man, identified only as his family name Kim, said he was surprised to see that several hotel buffets he contacted told him they were fully booked for the year-end holiday season.
Rendezvous, a casual dining restaurant group that is under the consolidated umbrella of Bahrain Cinema Company, already offers diners a rich variety of multi cuisine exquisitely spread out in lunch and dinner buffets, making it the ideal stopover for families after a shopping spree or to give them the wholesome experience after watching a movie at any of its multiple outlets throughout Bahrain.