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I'd rudder not go fer trubble dat bug - you mus git him for your own self.
And will you promise me, upon your honor, that when this freak of yours is over, and the bug business (good God
cried the negro, drawing back in dismay - "what for mus tote de bug way up de tree?
All dat done, Massa Will; mighty easy ting for to put de bug fru de hole - look out for him dare below
I made no doubt that the latter had been infected with some of the innumerable Southern superstitions about money buried, and that his phantasy had received confirmation by the finding of the scarabæus, or, perhaps, by Jupiter's obstinacy in maintaining it to be "a bug of real gold.
Perhaps, after all, it was rather a desire than an actual belief; - but do you know that Jupiter's silly words, about the bug being of solid gold, had a remarkable effect upon my fancy?
I suppose," said I, "you missed the spot, in the first attempt at digging, through Jupiter's stupidity in letting the bug fall through the right instead of through the left eye of the skull.
And why did you insist upon letting fall the bug, instead of a bullet, from the skull?
Whenever the people grumbled too loudly the Bug sang a new song, and Big-Fat said it was God's word that we should kill Meat- Eaters, and Tiger-Face led us over the divide to kill and be killed.
And the Bug sang another song about men like Split-Nose, who wanted to go back, and live in trees.
Then the Bug sang again, and he sang that Split-Nose was lazy, and he sang also the 'Song of the Bees.
The Bug and I escaped, and I hid in the wildest places, and became a hunter of meat and went hungry no more.