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Their staffs gave them faster horses and better buggy whips. Henry Ford would be appalled.
But does it matter if the entire FSS system goes the way of the buggy whip? There will be some retro-aviators living in a cabin by a grass field without high-speed internet access, but hey, they're not get ting a weather briefing via tom-tom, right?
After all, where is the Buggy Whip Manufacturers Association today?
Will it wither away, like the buggy whip, or transform itself into new, unimagined forms?
Levitt used the buggy whip industry as an illustration of an industry with a death sentence that no amount of product improvement would have changed.
(A runaway cart ride into a tree or fence makes brakes a must.) The second most important thing is to weld a piece of 1-inch conduit eight inches long onto one of the shafts of your dash to hold your buggy whip. The whip is for the neighborhood dogs, not your goats.
The automobile was not invented by buggy whip manufacturers and the slide rule manufacturers never even fathomed a calculator.
It's too good a service to simply go the way of the buggy whip. But savvy customers and honorable providers are the only way this class of service provider can continue to do business.
We have become accustomed to seeing the wizardry of the moment become that day's buggy whip within a very short time.
It's obvious the way we communicate is changing; that the need for personal intervention is going the way of the buggy whip. And that's changing the way we do business.
The buggy whip was originally intended to make the horse more efficient.