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BUILDING, estates. An edifice erected by art, and fixed upon or over the soil, composed of stone, brick, marble, wood, or other proper substance, 'Connected together, and designed for use in the position in which it is so fixed. Every building is an accessory to the soil, and is, therefore, real estate: it belongs to the owner of the soil. Cruise, tit. 1, S. 46. Vide 1 Chit. Pr. 148, 171; Salk. 459; Hob. 131; 1 Mete. 258; Broom's Max. 172.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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The initiative provides grants, financing, tax-credit equity and technical assistance to developers who meet specific green criteria to build affordable housing.
Residential builders are slow to catch on to the trend, as they tend to look at what sold yesterday when deciding what to build today.
Designs and builds injection molds primarily for thermoplastics.
Designs and builds injection and compression molds for thermoplastics and thermosets using 2-D, 3-D and Solid Part Data.
Unfortunately, thinner layer building extends the build time, and the thickness is limited to the diameter of the thickest coated sand grain.
Although DSS RP doesn't have many limitations on part complexity, it does have an apparent limit on mold and/or core size based on build volume.
Several years ago, the now-defunct New Alchemy Institute commissioned Trumbull, Connecticut-based architect Donald Watson to create an eco-house with deliberate concern for what it would cost the average person to build. The resulting "Ecology House" is an attractive passive solar "starter" home with cathedral ceilings and an open floor plan.
Justin Green, the warehouse manager, explained how money made goes to environmental education programs for schoolchildren sponsored by Build It Green!
Our responsibility to make changes in the way we build and develop land is becoming imperative.
Designs and builds injection molds for machines from 75 to 2000 tons.
Builds injection molds in steel or aluminum and also provides prototyping and production molding services, steel engraving, duplicating, and cavity and cores.
Designs and builds injection molds from simple single-cavity to high-precision, multicavity tools and also specialty molds including thin wall, multishot and thixo-molding.