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Bently Holdings also understands that each project is different: that's why we work closely with our tenants to achieve the highest level of waste diversion possible from day one for every new build out.
Reusing build outs can also be of great benefit to the environment by reducing the amount of waste sent to landfill.
Anticipating its expansion needs, Gateway Access Solutions is currently ramping up its employment base with additional technical and management staff to successfully achieve both network build outs and implementation of services in these markets.
We feel that this product, coupled with our next-generation products, will give us the opportunity to not only build out here in the United States, but will give us an extremely competitive product internationally.
White Plains is a wonderful example of an economic turnaround producing new build outs.
Tenants need a lease negotiator that understands complex cash flow issues related to build outs," says Manley.
445 Hamilton Avenue was recently repositioned and includes all new tenant build outs.