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Even a small build-up of mud can prevent water from flowing freely and if water can't escape through the guttering, it will only go one way - into the house, causing damp.
There are indeed inherent perceptional sensitivities in military build-ups that could create miscalculations, misjudgements, and mistrust," Indonesian Defense Minister Purnomo Yusgiantoro told the Shangri-La Dialogue, an annual forum in Singapore.
We are going to have to have a look at the situation, but the county council has already had traffic engineers down there trying to sort things out with the lights and traffic build-ups you get.
Moussavi underlined that the era of the US military build-up in the Persian Gulf is over and foreigners have no option but leaving the region
They used standard statistical methods to identify risk factors for coronary artery fat build-ups in men with and without HIV infection.
David Edwell The Agency cleared the build-ups and widened and cleared overgrown stretches of the rivers Rhydhir, Penrhos and Erch.
JOSE MOURINHO will dominate the build-up to the Champions League final between Inter Milan and Bayern Munich, because dominating build-ups is what Jose Mourinho does.
The crash between a Ford Focus and a Ford Ka led to huge build-ups near the Blay-don turn-off, at the junction with the A69.
The well has been currently shut-in to monitor pressure build-ups in the casing and tubing.
By the way, if these build-ups go on, Road no 1210 will be used only for parking vehicles.
There were a series of build-ups in it because we have to protect our own club's assets too,' he said.
No doubt they may reach it, but when you constantly see promos and build-ups, it breaks your heart.