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Building Line

A line that a Municipal Corporation establishes, beyond which no building may extend to ensure that its streets will appear uniform.

A building line is also known as the "set back" requirement.

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It is currently building Line 1 of the Panama Metro, in a deal worth $1.3 billion as well as light railways in Bucharest, Barcelona and Malaga.
Alas, even if they conformed to the building line, there is no architectural merit in the two rectangular boxes Conwy council is bent upon rushing through.
Building lines, the distance that buildings must be set back from the curb, were the most important land use issue in New Haven during the period immediately prior to the publication of the Gilbert-Olmsted report.
Bidder shall remove from the Village all debris, including plant material debris, generated during the maintenance procedures upon the completion of each day s operations and shall include removal of all accumulations of leaves, paper, trash and other materials which detract from the landscaping in such places as shrubbery beds, fence lines, exterior building lines, parking lots and other places of maintenance.
Tenders are invited for BAUL F3, F3 cleanup construction line / project authors Area South - design projects for the cleanup of the building lines in the field of ASTRA branch Zofingen.
Detailed description of tasks The Federal Roads Office is in accordance with the Geoinformation Act (GeoIG) from 5.10.2007, the geo Regulation (Geoinformation Ordinance) on 21.05.2008 and the Ordinance on the register of public ownership restrictions (EuREBKV) from 02.09.2009 commissioned the building lines digitally accessible to to make and publish in the Federal Directorate of Cadastral.
There is building work in the system KMR, SMR, SSR, hood canal and building lines of the dimensions from DN 25 to DN 600 The networks are concerned with steam or hot water through a pressure rating PN 25 and PN 40; and district cooling with cold water up to PN 25 is operated.
Elevator system for the repair and energetic Sanireung of 5 building lines, built in 1951, UG, EC 2nd floor with 186 residential units.
Tenders are invited for building lines in branch area of ??the store Zofingen have various shortcomings.
Further, the building lines must be checked and adjusted if necessary.
Thermal insulation system for the repair and energetic Sanireung of 5 building lines, built in 1951, UG, EC 2nd floor with 186 residential units.
Before NFA, the cantons have the building lines of the highway in most cases so designated as the owners of the canton and Nationalstrassenneztes that their function in favor of the highway could be guaranteed in addition to the cantonal building lines.

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