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When tenants move in and build out the floors and suites, they can do LEED if they want as a 'commercial interior.
She moved into Seattle's aforementioned Denny Park Apartments, built through a five-year, $555 million initiative known as Green Communities that seeks to build more than 8,500 homes for low-income people in 23 states.
Although some consider the design futuristic - unlikely to transform America's conventional housing stock any time soon - it is intended to be accessible to individuals of modest means who want to build an affordable eco-home today.
But the house is "like a living language," says Maloney; most people build a variation on the blueprints' theme.
Teamstudio([R]), the global leader in software asset management solutions for Lotus([R]) Notes([R]), releases Teamstudio Build Manager version 3 with seven major enhancements that make it easier and faster for Lotus Notes developers, administrators and users to develop new Lotus Notes applications and to conform to industry best practices.
The risk of human error in the build process can have a drastic impact on data integrity and application quality, which is why every business must make software integrity the highest priority in their application development processes," said Nigel Cheshire, CEO of Teamstudio.
Credit Suisse First Boston is proud to have the opportunity to participate in our first Community Build Day," said Bob O'Brien, Managing Director of Credit Suisse First Boston.
2 accelerates builds 10-20 times by distributing software builds in parallel across scalable clusters of inexpensive, industry-standard servers.
In order to ensure that parallel builds will not break, Electric Cloud has developed a patent-pending dependency management system that captures perfect dependency information by monitoring all files accessed during a build.
The primary goal of Openmake is to remove the requirement for developers to perform any scripting at all -- no makefiles, no XML scripting for Ant and no special Java classes are needed to perform builds within the IDE or externally by a build master," said Tracy Ragan, CEO of Catalyst Systems Corp.
With Electric Cloud, software development teams can now significantly reduce the time they waste waiting for builds to finish, and shorten the overall development cycle.
LAS VEGAS -- AutomatedQA, a provider of easy-to-use and affordable tools for testing and developing high-quality applications, today announced Automated Build Studio 3, the latest version of the company's powerful build and release management system.