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According to file reviewers, 21% of bodily injury claims (BI) and 18% of personal injury protection (PIP) claims closed showed some type of fraud, usually claim buildup, which involves inflating the costs of otherwise legitimate claims.
The 319 aluminum alloy pump residue was composed of a large number of complex and randomly mixed phases without any apparent structural directionality that could be linked to the electromagnetic field and/or the layered buildup of the deposit.
Cash value buildup to be taxed as a transfer of property.
If the entire buildup in CSV was assigned to the employer, the employee could avoid taxation on such income; however, this would reduce the benefit of the insurance to the taxpayer.
Excessive die lip buildup diminishes both the aesthetic quality and the engineering properties of the product, and it can also shut down a processing operation.
The buildup of dopamine is bad because it causes an extra sense of pleasure for a short time.
Drain fly larvae thrive on the greasy buildup in drains.
Nor was it able to keep up with dirt and moisture buildup problems.
The IRS said the employee in the TAM should be taxed each year on an amount equal to the one-year term cost of declining life insurance and any cash surrender buildup in the policies that exceeded the amount returned to the employer when the arrangement was discontinued.
Traditional defined benefit plans provide very little buildup of value in the early years, while defined contribution or cash balance plans provide much less benefit buildup in the later years.
This buildup, which results from human activities, seems likely to continue.