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Efforts to lower insurance costs must include measures aimed at reducing the amount of fraud and buildup in the system.
In addition to being used in every day sanitation activities, OE-30 can be applied directly to areas of extreme grease buildup for quicker results.
The rapid buildup of residues in the pump passage channels and the orifice indicates that the electromagnetic pump in question was clearly not functioning efficiently under the production conditions to which it had been exposed.
If the employer has no interest in the cash value or an expectation of repayment of premiums, the premiums are treated as compensation but the employee needn't report any income from the value of the death benefit protection or recognize income as a result of the cash-value buildup.
The inclusion in income of the buildup in CSVs is contrary to the regulations and prior decisions.
Another feared it was a stalling action by the North Koreans, just as the United States was about to "pull the trigger" on sanctions and the troop buildup.
The three-factor full-factorial experimental design included target torque (T), torque buildup time (B), and subject (S).
This paper reviews the literature on die lip buildup in extrusion and related phenomena affecting calendering (1), injection molding, and injection blow molding (2).
The IRS said the employee in the TAM should be taxed each year on an amount equal to the one-year term cost of declining life insurance and any cash surrender buildup in the policies that exceeded the amount returned to the employer when the arrangement was discontinued.
Traditional defined benefit plans provide very little buildup of value in the early years, while defined contribution or cash balance plans provide much less benefit buildup in the later years.
This buildup, which results from human activities, seems likely to continue.