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But the house was completed after his death, and the interior is missing his trademark plywood built-ins.
Shop drawings for built-ins, mouldings, and other details.
Photo: Studs and plywood give form and strength to the built-ins.
Clean maple woodwork and floors, streamlined built-ins, and a slate fireplace surround all contribute to a calm, inviting interior.
Exquisite upgrades throughout the 3,730-plus square-foot residence include granite, crown molding, plentiful built-ins and a gas fireplace.
From artifacts and decorations to built-ins popular in past eras and blends of antique design touches to modern settings, color photos and plenty of completed designs provide homeowners with many new options.
Produced in an edition of ten in 1994, it is a kind of provisional blueprint for the house, details of which - from the lighting scheme to the plethora of built-ins - have subsequently been worked out in various exhibitions along the way (two versions of the kitchen cabinetry, for example, were displayed as Pardo's contribution to MOCA'S "Pure Beauty" show, in 1994).
It's almost a joy to work in this laundry room, with its bright surfaces, generous light, and carefully thought-out built-ins.
ceilings, an original marble mantle with wood burning fireplace, original chandelier, custom built-ins, and original floors.