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Far to the south the sun climbed steadily to meridian, but between it and the frozen Yukon intervened the bulge of the earth.
And he arrived at the laying-yard and caught Jerry, red-pawed and red-mouthed, in the midst of his fourth kill of an egg-layer, the raw yellow yolk of the portion of one egg, plastered by Agno to represent many eggs, still about his eyes and above his eyes to the bulge of his forehead.
From the deck they were hidden by the bulge of the world.
At midday the sky to the south warmed to rose-colour, and marked where the bulge of the earth intervened between the meridian sun and the northern world.
cried Hawtayne, with his eyes still fixed upon the foam which hissed under the very bulge of the side.
It's that little bulge up the sleeve where you people have the spiked bracelet.
I consider that I have the bulge on him as far as you could chase a rabbit.
All I could see was the blotch of shadow and the rainbow flashes, the dust rising from the invisible feet, the earth tearing up from beneath the straining foot-grips, and the wire screen bulge once or twice as their bodies hurled against it.
One by one--I was at the masthead and saw--the six boats disappeared over the bulge of the earth as they followed the seal into the west.
You have the bulge at present," admitted Raffles; "but you have still to lay hands upon your, or our, ill-gotten goods.
We had the bulge before; he has it now; it's perfectly fair.
As time went by he became convinced that it was a sack, limp and empty at present, but destined later to receive and bulge with what he believed was technically known as the swag.