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They also found, upon examining the motion of four tiny Saturnian moons - Telesto, Calypso, Helene and Polydeuces - that the orbits of these objects were being disturbed by the gas giant's tidal bulges.
TEHRAN (FNA)- Two astronomers -- with the help of Twitter--have uncovered the strongest evidence yet that an enormous X-shaped structure made of stars lies within the central bulge of the Milky Way Galaxy.
This is because these hair follicles could not retain their old bulges, though they generated a new bulge without a problem.
In modern parlance, however, the term has to do with the implications for the Arab world, and for other countries in the the Third World; of that phenomenon that social scientists in recent years have called it "youth bulge.
The idea of a frozen tidal-rotational bulge, known as the "fossil bulge" hypothesis, was first described in 1898.
BULGE 3FREE The new bra at Sainsbury's designed to beat back fat
The patent-pending delivery device to be used by medical practitioners is a specifically designed needle/catheter delivery system that will inject cells directly into the annular tear that is causing the bulge or herniation.
A Youth Bulge occurs when large number of young people constitute the over all population of a country or society.
Developing nations with "youth bulges," such as Afghanistan, Pakistan and Iraq have more internal conflict, while aging populations such as those in Japan or Europe may enjoy greater stability and less crime, explains Carolyn O'Hara for Smithsonian magazine.
Most galaxies in the universe have bulges, but researchers don't know whether Jl14816.
Only a few, however, allow for the presence of bulges in either the template or the probe.
Most stars in the universe exist in bulges, but perhaps a quarter to a third as many additional stars are (like the Sun) in galaxy disks.