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The observations are the deepest, most detailed study of the galaxy's foundational city structure -- its vast central bulge that lies in the middle of a pancake-shaped disk of stars, where our solar system dwells.
In modern parlance, however, the term has to do with the implications for the Arab world, and for other countries in the the Third World; of that phenomenon that social scientists in recent years have called it "youth bulge.
The idea of a frozen tidal-rotational bulge, known as the "fossil bulge" hypothesis, was first described in 1898.
The CoolFit design allows me to treat harder to reach areas and, for the first time, longer fat bulges, which is attracting new patients to my practice," said Brian Zelickson, MD, Medical Director of Zel Skin & Laser Specialists in Edina, Minn.
The wide back panel compresses any bulges to create a more streamlined shape and the bra is also free of elastic so it won't dig into skin.
With the same amount of the axial feed of 18 mm and at different maximum pressure, cases (A) and (D) resulted in bursting and wrinkling respectively, while cases (B) and (C) resulted in uniform bulges.
Most galaxies in the universe have bulges, but researchers don't know whether Jl14816.
Only a few, however, allow for the presence of bulges in either the template or the probe.
The laser line sensor is said to increase the data density or amount of profile information to detect small bulges or depressions that might be missed by single point sensors.
The role of larger bulges in the QR algorithm is controversial.
When I wear a suit, I feel like my chest bulges at the sides and my waist rolls over the bottom.
Periodically inspect stored batteries for defects such as bulges, cracks or leaks and monitor their expiration dates.