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They also found that the biggest between-group differences in treatment failure occurred among children with severe bulging of the tympanic membrane, defined by the authors as "convexity markedly increased beyond the edges of tympanic membrane, resembling a doughnut" (11.
Parker said his double vision was almost gone and there was so little bulging in my eyes that they looked almost completely normal.
On the other hand, the word escapee(SKP), extasy(XTC), and the element cesium(CZM) are not fully self-contained, but bulging.
A bulging disk is compressed between two vertebrae so that the disk is protruding outside of the spinal column.
However, 4 months after surgery and with discontinuation of the drug, the same bulging observed initially occurred again in the right hemiface.
Indeed, I was chatting to a younger colleague recently about a bulging wall and he recounted that this was the first instance that he had come across in his 10-year professional life.
In your case, however, the bulging of the veins in the inner-thigh occurred in a few weeks time and was accompanied by stinging.
Just doing sit-ups will not flatten a bulging stomach.
About 90% of acute otitis media (AOM) cases have a bulging tympanic membrane, and about 90% of otitis media with effusion (OME) cases have a retracted or sometimes neutrally positioned membrane.
The main stair rises from the entrance hall entered from a porch carved out under the bulging bay on the garden side.
But there's just so much medicine you can take to relieve the pain of a bulging disc.
Using an electron-beam scanner, researchers have detected calcium deposits in the coronary arteries of children who previously had Kawasaki disease, an inflammatory ailment that when active can cause an aneurysm, or bulging blood vessel.