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Likewise her feminine eye took in the clothes he wore, the cheap and unaesthetic cut, the wrinkling of the coat across the shoulders, and the series of wrinkles in the sleeves that advertised bulging biceps muscles.
This Kwaque beheld with bulging eyes; for his master betrayed no sign that the thing was being done.
The bulging back of Cherokee's neck was the only portion of his body that White Fang's teeth could reach.
The dead robber swung slowly to and fro in the wintry wind, a fixed smile upon his swarthy face, and his bulging eyes still glaring down the highway of which he had so long been the terror; on a sheet of parchment upon his breast was printed in rude characters;
After the hundred days of hard toil and absolute abstinence, in the pink of physical condition, bulging with health, over-spilling with spirits that had long been pent by discipline and circumstance, of course we would have a drink or two.
After five days they returned, their eyes bulging and their tongues a- tremble to tell what they had seen.
And he certainly looked it with those bulging muscles and that bull-throat.
As he stuck his head out once more, the poor fellow's eyes were bulging and he barked out wildly, "I drown
Stepan Arkadyevitch went upstairs with his pocket bulging with notes, which the merchant had paid him for three months in advance.
It was at that perfect moment where Jennifer Aniston's fiance was caught with his bulging manhood perfectly outlined in his sweatpants.
Don Parker, who was facing a second surgery to treat the bulging eyes and double vision due to Graves' eye disease, followed the regime and lost more than 35 pounds by giving up soda pop and eating a low-carb, gluten-free diet with lots of vegetables.
However, the driver denied the charges and instead blamed the woman's bulging buttocks for the misunderstanding.