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SEM results showed that the biochemically binded boards broke when wood fiber was done by SY G pretreat, the length of bulgy fiber was consistent, the interface was inseparable, cavitationis was low, fracture behavior was ductile rupture.
ornatissimus exhibits features such as a large, bulgy and conspicuously elongated subgenital plate, laterally expanded abdominal tergum VII, a distinct sensory area on the profurcasternite, a median segment that is just slightly shorter than the metanotum, vestigial alae and a subcylindrical head, Zompro (2006) placed this species in Sermyle Stal, 1875, a genus of Diapheromerinae: Diapheromerini: "Sermyle-group" or "Eusermyleformia" (Bradler, 2009) respectively.
Feel free to really play, adding ears and bulgy eyes to your grass head.
One thing however I cannot doubt: that there exists a red patch of a round somewhat bulgy shape, standing out from a background of other colour-patches, and having a certain visual depth, and that this whole field of colour is directly present to my consciousness.
Among the more bewildering semi-finalists representing the country were: a toast artist who didn't use toast; a bulgy eye man who didn't make his eyes bulge; two weirdos sitting at a desk river dancing with their hands; a bloke dressed as The Terminator doing a rap by Plan B; and a semi-naked woman from Bangkok waggling her tush who said "I love you Simon," presumably "long time".
The northern part of the cluster displays a slightly bulgy shape with a more flattened southern part.
In one connotation, the story's reference to the Innsmouth look encapsulates the way outsiders attempt to categorize the citizens of Innsmouth by a "racial epidermal schema": The "queer narrow heads with flat noses and bulgy, stary eyes that never seem to shut" and the not "quite right skin.
What could I do to reassure these strangers that there was absolutely nothing out of the ordinary about a man standing alone at the far end of a subway platform and holding something bulgy in his back pocket?
Answer: The conformation or design of certain breeds of cats and dogs means that they can have bulgy eyes, which can often tear more than would be considered normal in other breeds.
The park's managing director Colin Bryan said: "The whole set has been painstakingly recreated to scale for enthusiasts to enjoy, featuring the familiar sights of Sodor and many of its most famous engines including Rosie, Edward, Terence, Trevor and Bulgy.
Nezhukumatathil specifies in her "Notes" that the volume's five sections are "divided into specific thematic movements in a volcano's lifespan," and the epigraphs accompanying the sections contour a poetic narrative of sorts: "fin of molten rock waves at the sky," "cane spiders tiptoe across the ash," "scallops watch pillow lava from underwater," "nuggets of wet lapilli collect under a pine tree and no one hears," and, finally, "ovenbirds, bulgy with seed, fly past the blast.
He was sober and rather silent, not lacking in dignity except to those awful, bulgy, telltale eyes and a general sense of a living corpse, a human body where decomposition has started before death has claimed it.