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Once the students are finished tracing, remove the skeleton and add clothes, and refine the edges that are bulgy or lumpy.
Moon's biggest problem -- besides the way those tight short shorts make his thighs look a little bulgy (the kind of dilemma Ferrell revels in) -- is that this is 1976 and the American Basketball Association is about to merge with the more prosperous National Basketball Association.
Why not install body-mass sensors in the checkout lanes and tax the bulgy ones on their carts full of snacks and beverages and starchy foods?
I had believed that it was me who made svelte clothes look bulgy.
Tankinis and one-pieces offer more coverage if there are bulgy bits you'd rather hide, but don't abandon the bikini just yet.
I mean, aside from people who wear those really thick glasses that make their eyes all bulgy and whatnot.
And Rossellini's nude scenes defied the Hollywood norm: Her body was bulgy and pale.
a bulgy Black Drop precipice blended Ebon her name Ebon
Here, the dominant actors are what the designers call 'bloids', bulgy zoomorphic forms on spindly legs, with silver bodies beautifully made of smooth aluminium.
The only poem in which a woman is seen to work is repugnantly satirical: "The Bulgy Squaw.
Baymax hilariously explodes out his new armor and returns to his cute and bulgy self.
She said: ''The first job I had, for Star Trek, the cinematographer said, 'You might want to do something about your eyes, because they're a little bulgy.