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Next, the solute-surface-concentration relaxation times were compared with the bulk modulus.
The dependence of hydrostatic tension at the center of particles on particle bulk modulus at different [Mathematical Expression Omitted] is plotted in Fig.
G] links thermal expansion, [Alpha], to the bulk modulus and the heat capacity at constant volume, [C.
where K is the bulk modulus, which is determined from isothermal bulk compressibility data.
Determination of the isentropic bulk modulus value is significant in measuring the effect of ultrasonic irradiation on the process of ignition and combustion of conditioned biofuels.
For example, Munro proposed a 70 % uncertainty in the Poisson ratio and a 24 % uncertainty in the bulk modulus.
wettability) and bulk modulus, were not affected significantly (p-value < 0.
The bulk modulus mentioned above is the modulus of the cover as a system.
13) relates Young's modulus (E), bulk modulus (B) and [upsilon].
This is due to the much larger bulk modulus of particles (179 GPa) than that of the matrix (6.
For Gassmann's method which is considered for this research, one of the four variables needed to calculate the rock bulk modulus is the dry frame bulk modulus d K , which can be determined for each core sample during the experiment.