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The bulk modulus and density of the fluid change as the gas becomes trapped into the oil during the strut operation.
The isentropic bulk modulus of the biofuels conditioned by irradiation with ultrasound was determined by using the Newton-Laplace formula (Tat, Van Gerpen 2003b; Dzida, Prusakiewicz 2008):
Plasmon energy, bulk modulus, electronic polarizability of ternary chalcopyrite semiconductors.
2 (discussed in the Journal of the American Ceramic Society article) describe mineral structure of the Al-tobermorite in a relict lime clast and its mechanical properties, computed as bulk modulus.
Principal results include the following: Voids soften the bulk modulus more than the shear modulus.
The distribution of bulk modulus k is very diversified but it can be possible to distinguish two maxima which agree with strike of two existing crack sets.
Therefore, the difference in bacterial attachments was not the result of changes in the surface wettability and bulk modulus of the coatings.
The bulk modulus mentioned above is the modulus of the cover as a system.
E is the bulk modulus of the fluid media (listed in PSI but must be converted to PSF)
Water has a bulk modulus nearly 50 percent higher than oil's, making it less compressible.
Under hydrostatic compression, the bulk modulus (B) is defined as the ratio, hydrostatic pressure to volume strain (ref.