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In [1] a boat tail behind the bulkhead showed promising potential by reducing the wind averaged drag value by 12 % for a fully loaded timber truck.
Through our test case, we found it was significantly cheaper to repair and coat the bulkhead rather than replace it," said the chief of the Philadelphia District operations division.
I don't think it was a structural threat to the boat, but it would have been a big repair to get the bulkhead back in and take the load of the J4, which is a sail we're probably going to use 80 per cent of the time in the Southern Ocean," Walker said.
After field tests were concluded MillerCoors decided to adopt the Paylode solution for the entire company By the end of 2010 MillerCoors had transitioned to bulkhead spacers and separator pads in all of its truck shipments.
An aft bulkhead was created in the same way to meet the transom at the point where the motor bracket was to be mounted.
In a departure from Bavaria's conventional floorplan, the chart table is hinged on the bulkhead facing forward into the saloon by the starboard settee.
4 litre HDi 70 diesel engine, full height grille bulkhead, manual air-conditioning and Bluetooth hands free kit, and is priced from GBP9,540.
In the 1990s, engineers from Weaver Manufacturing are said to have realized that the thermoset nitrile rubber most commonly used in fuel-containment system bulkhead seals had a limited life expectancy that, in effect, undermined their reliability.
The model regulation provided that loads blocked from forward movement by a bulkhead or other adequately secured loads would require only one tie-down for every 10 feet or fraction of length.
The design was unique in that the major foam split lines were vertical with an individual foam developing each bore jacket, bulkhead, main bearing and pan rail (Fig.
Approximately 90 feet of bulkhead is proposed to be replaced within 34 inches of an existing bulkhead along the western shoreline of Hempstead Harbor in the area of the viaduct.
To cater for Castell Howell's multi-temperature operation, the 12 tonne vehicles have variable stow, interior moving bulkheads and Carrier Supra 750MT refrigeration systems with one remote evaporator centrally mounted adjacent to the front bulkhead and a second one mounted next to the rear doors.