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Photo: Polyester-filled sleeping bags, while heavier and bulkier than their down-filled counterparts, keep campers warm even if they get wet.
Hydraulic valves (4,000 and 6,000 psi) handle the work of much bulkier and more expensive hydraulic valves.
Situated on a decidedly unromantic Romantic Avenue--a commercial artery on the outskirts of Osaka, flanked by discount stores and the all too ubiquitous famiresu (family oriented restaurants)--this showroom that specialises in imported used cars is larger and bulkier than its neighbours.
Only last month, Sony's plants in Bridgend and Pencoed announced 300 job losses because of changing consumer tastes away from the bulkier television sets they produce.
It's possible to cool only extremely thin liquid films at such a rapid pace because heat can't escape speedily enough from inside bulkier layers.
Some handsets might be a little bulkier but believe me, the amount of information you can access on one over the 3 network is staggering.
Trials then were run using a special low-temperature flux in the ladle and bulkier material for the steel charge.
The Xbox, which is bulkier than Sony's next-gen console, is black with a signature green X in the centre.
theatergoers have grown accustomed to thinking of Davidson's ``house'' - the 750-seat Taper and its bulkier, more sedate sibling, the 2,000-seat Ahmanson - as their home away from home.
For many documents, the Flash player is a better choice than other, bulkier alternatives," he added.
The overall design styling of vehicle will be similar to the Gixxer 155, however, the 250cc version is likely to have bulkier body proportions.