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Developed by packaging machinery specialist Optima, the line can handle bulkier products like bed liners, incontinence products and other nonwoven stacks up to 5kg per bundled stack.
The overall design styling of vehicle will be similar to the Gixxer 155, however, the 250cc version is likely to have bulkier body proportions.
This Robotic Cartoner Infeed integrates with new or existing automatic cartoning machines, allowing manufacturers to easily automate manual carton loading processes or retrofit other bulkier types of product infeed systems to reduce the footprint of an existing packaging line.
A 20-megapixel camera and 1080p HD display produce impressive photos and videos, and outputs minimally processed RAW files, attractive to photographers looking for a mobile alternative to bulkier single-purpose cameras.
Could the PS4 controller be significantly bulkier than the PS3 controller?
Mr Jenkins said the street scene is mainly characterised by modest bungalows, and the proposed new dwelling would be much bulkier in appearance than the one it would replace, and neighbouring properties.
3 effective megapixels, the DSC-RX1's sensor is over twice the size of the APS-C sensor inside much bulkier D-SLR cameras
Using your own body weight for resistance is the best way to build a Dean, sculpted body as opposed to building bulkier muscle," says fitness trainer Kwame Davis, who works with top models like Karolina Kurkova.
Ben Moore shop manager said: "We're taking bulkier types of furniture which average high street shops haven't got room, for example beds, and three-piece suites.
Having a bigger upper body and bulkier legs doesn't help a fleet-footed player.
The magazine's behind the scenes montage of Gaga's September photoshoot, shows the singer's bright purple Marc Jacobs gown bulkier and unflattering.