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As part of the cleaning this year, my wife encouraged me to purge old books and belongings taking up space on our overcrowded bookshelves, and she zeroed in on one of re bulkiest culprits: my college class notes.
Importantly, the three-dimensional orientation of the bulkiest t-butyl group in these two conformations of 1 is significantly different from that of 14.
When Sony's PlayStation 3 came onto the scene, it was the biggest, bulkiest console on the market.
Available in Carmen Cognac and Carmen Verde, it accommodates even the bulkiest winter coat--but with enough room to throw in a small to mid-sized handbag.
Its squid-like design puts five power outlets on separate, flexible arms that will accommodate even the bulkiest of adapters: Inaccessible outletsdue to honkin' bricks are a thing of the past.
According to the company, the blade, packed with more urethane, has one of the bulkiest profiles of any primary scraper on the market.
Moulden and Lunney have the advantage of the bulkiest, although not necessarily the most straightforward, evidence.
Constructed to accommodate heavy military equipment, including the 20-ton Strykers, the area's wide expanse offers adequate room for even the bulkiest and most cumbersome vehicles to maneuver.
Prices and comments on tested covers SR22 C172 HITS (+) MISSES (-) Aero $385 $345 Some clever design No liner, no buckle Covers elements protection, 3 straps on 172 Mac's n/a $230 Lightweight, access to Zippers more both doors, clever cumbersome than Velcro design, price Bruce's $455 $395 Beefy construction, Heaviest and bulkiest bungee keeps snug, cover snap-on 172 Kennon $425 $395 Good looking, tight Fit not as tight on fitting, mid-weight but 172 as some competitors not bulky